Virtual Pet Site SEO


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Jan 23, 2024
Search engine optimization is extremely important if you want to gain visitors from search engines.

What have you done you improve the SEO on your virtual pet sites? How are your rankings in google?

Have you ever ranked #1 on google before?
Pet sites that rank well on the search engines can attract new users on a weekly and monthly basis from users searching from users searching from a new game to play. Vpl has ranked well for various keywords on the search engines for quite sometime now and I think pet sites that do so are in a great position to grow their user base.

The keywords that I think are the best for virtual pet sites and can drive in new users are:
virtual pet, online pet game, virtual pet site, online game, virtual world and adopt a pet, however, you should do your own research to do what keywords you’d like to see your game rank for.

I use header tags, title tags, alt tags and I also build backlinks to help vpl do well on the search engines. I also promote vpl on social media, which in turn, helps on search engines as well. Also, I add vpl to directories that I think can benefit a lot and make sure that each description is different & unique than the other one.