What do you want to see in a Virtual Pet Site?


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Apr 13, 2024
I want to try and gather information about what other petsite players look for and want in a virtual petsite that exists or has yet to exist!
When you play on a virtual petsite, what do you most prominently look for?

What would you like to see that you just don't really see around much? Do you stay for the nostalgia, the pet art, the community, the amount of features/games, or how easy it is to make money?
When I play on a virtual pet site, I primarily look for a well-balanced mix of engaging features. High-quality pet art and a vibrant, friendly community are key aspects that draw me in. Additionally, a variety of features and games that offer both challenges and rewards keep me interested.

One thing I’d love to see more of is innovative and interactive gameplay that goes beyond the usual activities. Unique events, deeper pet customization options, and immersive storylines would add a fresh dimension to the experience. While nostalgia is a factor, it’s the blend of creativity and community that truly keeps me coming back.