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    I will take a look at this!
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    Hey everybody I'm new !

    Welcome to VPL @oakhearted great to see another Aussie on here. :)
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    Welcome to VPL @FayeKittie :D
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    How often do you charge your smartphone?

    Cold doesn't seem to affect mine, however, heat does. If it's hot then the battery will drain like nothing else.
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    Hi there!

    Thank you for letting us know about the issue. IT should be fixed now :D
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    items artist for hire.

    That is good to hear @Liz
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    @prisma they look amazing! :) Welcome.. :D
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    Welcome to VPL @bat Hopefully we can show off some of the other pet sites that are currently out there for you. :D
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    How often do you charge your smartphone?

    I charge mine whenever I am in the car or near my main computer. Could be once a day on charge or three or four. Once every two weeks I drain the battery completely.
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    Are you a fan of apple’s products?

    I am not to be honest. I really like their Macbook Pro's and that is it. I have a Mac Mini that I use for video editing and I swear by it. But iPhones and iPads I am not convinced.
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    Hello and welcome to VPL :)
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    Riot games acquires Hypixel Studios

    That is very interesting to see.
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    Welcome back to VPL. :)
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    How much water do you drink on a daily basis?

    Lately I have been drinking 3-5L a day.
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    Twitter announces its own stories feature, fleets. Similar to snapchat

    This will be very interesting. I think it was only a matter of time. A lot of Apps are doing this kind of thing now.