How often do you charge your smartphone?

About every other day it seems, but I do often use it and watch videos on it which eats up battery life.
I wish I could charge mine every other day. My iPhone 13 lasts about 3-5 hours on a full battery sometimes, but the battery drains a lot faster when I watch a lot of movies and shows on my phone. It can last me a full day if I don’t do anything except for texting and phone calls though.
I have a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and it has a great battery life. I can go 2 days without a charge unless I am playing Minecraft. If I play Minecraft on the phone the battery dies in about 4 or 5 hrs. This is still a good amount of time, but for whatever reason Minecraft is very battery intensive.
I don't like my phone to be less than 50 percent no matter what. Once it is less than 50 percent, I will start making arrangements to charge it. However, I can use my device a full day once it is fully charged.
Since I use my smartphone to work online, I charge it at any opportunity I see to charge it. Sometimes, it could be up to five times a day. I live in a clime where electric power is a luxury. But is there anything wrong about my charging pattern that can damage my phone?
I just charge my phone every night while I sleep. We don't have a landline, so I have to have something reliable, especially when I go out. My phone can hold a charge for over a day, but I need it to be fully charged every morning.
If I didn't use my phone for anything that drains battery, I can only charge my smartphone for just once a day. Recently, I can charge my smartphone as many times as possible if there's light.
My phone will last for two to three days if I use it regularly. I usually charge it every second day. But if I don't use it that much, I can charge it every four to five days. Although this rarely happens, nowadays.
It actually depends on how I am making use of the phone in that particular day because there are some days when I will be on my phone throughout the day and that means that I would likely charge it about 2 or 3 times.
Kind of wish I could swap the battery out, but these phones are not made to be opened at all.
I don't know the kind of phone that you are using but there are some experts that can help you to change the battery. I guess you need to ask or get inquiry about who can do it for you.