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Learning PHP.. yay me.

Discussion in 'Coding & Programming' started by BigThinker, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. I am teaching myself PHP via unlimited resources online.

    I don't need any help with coding (because somehow, I am understanding the concepts) but I do need help with ONE thing.

    How do I program my entire site on my computer? I have my domain on greengeeks but I want to code everything on my computer so I don't get jumbled up with all the crap that's on there. I have no idea what I'm looking at!

    So, firstly, how do I code PHP and view PHP/HTML on my computer and secondly, when I get to MySQL, how do I do the same with that?

  2. Perhaps you should understand the concepts of a web server before going straight into PHP...?

    Just my two cents.

  3. Hmm, good idea. I'll do that first, then. Any source suggestions?
  4. Apache is the most commonly used web server, so I'll recommend that for you (though I personally use nginx).

    There are bundles out there that include the server, PHP, and MySQL. It depends what OS though. Windows? Look at XAMPP.

  5. Alright, I downloaded and installed WAMP and now I need some help.

    I coded some stuff in PHP (not learning MySQL just yet). I am working on the registration page, and there's a submit button. For some reason, sometimes the submit button brings me to the output page but sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't, I'll click on the submit button and a download window appears. Why?? Does this mean that there is something wrong with the coding or is this a weird funky weirdy-thing?
  6. Are you trying to access the page through file:// or through localhost? If you are doing it through file:// your browser doesn't know how to display a .php file, so it asks you to download it.

    I idle on the PHPFreaks IRC channel daily so stop by and more direct conversations can be had.

  7. The thing starts at localhost.
  8. The first file, is it .php? If not, then what happens if you make it .php, will it force you to download the file or will it run the PHP code?

    If it forces you to download, is the server set up to run PHP files?

  9. @BigThinkerBigThinker, You have to start Apache, if you haven't already done so.

    Still, I recommend XAMPP... it seems WAMP was last updated last year. I can help you if you use XAMPP. It has an easy GUI to enable the services you need.

    Good luck.

    #10 nobackseat, Sep 5, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  10. The first file is .php and the second file is also .php

    I started over and started from scratch. I think an error in the coding is what was coding it. I keep jumping ahead of myself. Trying to learn how to do something in two days that some people take months to learn. :-|
  11. Do you have error reporting enabled? If yes, then it should show you the errors that are coming.

    As I said, the PHPFreaks IRC channel is a great place for people to learn because there are people always willing to help even with what may seem to be the stupidest of questions.

  12. alright, ill get the irc chat. :)

    i am just so basic right now that I am learning how to program information and to have it read back to me. I can't even imagine how or where to start when coding the actual site. :D
  13. It all comes with time :)

  14. @nobackseatnobackseat, I just downloaded the XAMPP. I'll keep this program on the comp but I think WAMP is more user (more like N00BISH) friendly, at least for me. :-|
    #15 BigThinker, Sep 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  15. Never mind!
    #16 BigThinker, Sep 6, 2011
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2011
  16. I'm learning stuff! Slowly, but surely.

    Right now I'm working on signing up and entering stuff into the database.

    After finishing the sign up page, what should I work on next? I obviously cant work on any games just yet!
  17. You should work on the login after a sign up page. :) Let me know if you have any questions. We can exchange messengers if you want.
  18. Will do. This whole thing is over whelming. I tend to jump ahead of myself every five minutes (oh! I learned this, now I can do that.. NOT!!) so I keep having to pull myself back, but I will definitely contact you if I need help. Thank you!!
  19. Well at least you're still sticking at it, which is a good sign :p A lot of people tend to just think programming will be magically simple to do after a few tutorials :p

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